Published on 30/04/2013

Training abroad

Your goal:

  • organize a personalized training seminar or workshops for the students who learn French as a foreign language in their country, 
  • discover innovative teaching methods,
  • benefit from the teaching expertise of the teachers at Institut de Touraine.

Target audience: Groups of FLE/FLS teachers or future teachers who teach abroad

Duration: 3 to 5 days

Enrollment: closed groups consisting of B1 level or higher

Levels: B1 or higher

Description: Organized in your country, the missions of Institut de Touraine meet clear objectives, established with the organizer. The teaching expertise of our teachers-trainers will allow them to approach various topics:

  • Improving in the use of TICE, using the interactive whiteboard in the classrom
  • Train for FOS methodology (French for special purposes)
  • Discover innovative teaching methods that are adapted to teaching in the concerned country.
  • Work on phonetic correction in teaching
  • Upgrade one's cultural and social knowledge of France.

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Benefits of the Institute

  • A team of teachers-trainers who organized numerous training courses abroad

  • An institute labelled "Qualité Français Langue Etrangère"

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