Published on 30/04/2013


A center specialized in the teaching of French as a foreign language (FLE), Institut de Touraine implements an innovative pedagogical approach and provides personalized support to its students. The school is under the pedagogical supervision of University of Tours.

Innovative and personalized programs

Institut de Touraine is a worldwide recognized school that teaches French as a foreign language (FLE) using an innovative pedagogical approach, adapted to the needs and goals of every student. The courses are taught in a modern work environment (interactive whiteboards, language laboratories, media library, multimedia laboratory...). The students can benefit from a teaching tutorial system for a personalized support. Regular assessments for each type of skills (oral and written) provide a real-time measure of each student's progress.

The programs are organized in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference. CECR describes the foreign language skills at six levels: A1 and A2 (beginner levels), B1 and B2 (intermediate levels), C1 and C2 (advanced levels).

Homogenous and stable classes

Before arriving at the Institute, the students pass an online language test. An oral interview on the arrival day will complete the diagnosis in order that the students are assigned in a group that matches their proficiency in French. This organization provides a great stability for students and a real visibility of the program and goals: two very favourable conditions for an optimal learning of the language

University supervision

As a guarantee for quality for all students and partners of the school, Institut de Touraine is under the pedagogical supervision of the University of Tours. The curriculum and teaching methods are validated by a pedagogical board consisting of teachers of the Institute and teachers-researchers of the University specialized in FLE teaching methods.

Cultural and language immersion

By taking courses at Institut de Touraine, students also benefit from an immersion in the French culture and civilization. The institute organizes a large selection of events, activities and trips. It also provides the connection with the French society and encourages its students to play music, do volunteer work, or sports with French people.