Published on 30/04/2013

DALF - Diploma in Advanced French Language Studies

An official diploma, DALF certifies 2 levels of comprehension and proficiency of French language (C1, and C2). It allows an experienced adult public to enhance their knowledge and skills in French for personal, academic or professional goals.

An official diploma in French

DALF – Diploma in Advanced French Language Studies – is an official diploma issued by the French Ministry of National Education. It certifies the French skills of an experienced adult public.


DALF consists of 2 levels: DALF C1 and DALF C2. At each level, 4 skills are assessed: oral comprehension and oral expression, written comprehension and written expression.

For whom?

The DALF diplomas as well as DELF diplomas are intended for foreign candidates and French people from a non-French-speaking country who do not have a French public secondary or higher education diploma. DALF and DELF are independent: therefore, the candidates can pass the examination they choose. The DALF reference level is higher than DELF.

Obtain a DALF from Institut de Touraine

  • Teachers who specialize in French as a foreign language (FLE), designers and examiners of tests for DELF and DALF
  • Free access: A large selection of books and exercises in the media library in order to prepare for the diplomas in French language
  • An examination center providing over 15 DELF/DALF sessions per year