Training - Published on 13/03/2017

Training courses for teachers, summer 2017

Training course for teachers of French as a foreign language

July - August 2017

How can I get my students motivated? How can I be more creative, how can I delever a differentiated pedagogy? My testbook is not adapted to my students, it is out of date, what can I do?

You keep on asking yourself these questions and much more?

L'Institut de Touraine offers each summer teachers training programs for teacher of French. We will answer you questions thanks to our theme based training. 

General objectives: diversify one's practice in class, improve one's theoritical and practical knowledge in a thematic context, create material to use in class, interact with other teachers, university professors, develop one's language and phonetics proficiency, etc.

2017 calendar

Oral skillsfrom 3 to 7 July  
Written skillsfrom 10 to 13 July
Cultural and intercultural skillsfrom 17 to 21 July
Phonetics skillsfrom 24 to 28 July
Oral skillsfrom 31 July to 4 August
Written skillsfrom 7 to 11 August

Our teachers training programs are elibible for Erasmus + funding. 

Institut de Touraine advantages

  • Accommodation booking (homestay, university residence, etc.)
  • Acess to our cultural and social activities in summer, to discover the Loire Valley
  • Free access to our language resource center, specialized in French as a Foreign Language 
  • Computer room and Wi-Fi on campus