Published on 04/08/2017

New in 2018!

We hope that we will welcome you in Tours quickly!


At the Institut de Touraine the programs are regularly adapted and modified to fit new demands, new this year:

·         The number of hours is modified for the intensive course: 21h per week, with 15 hours of French language in the mornings then 3 hours of phonetic and practical workshop and 3 hours of cultural workshop during the afternoons. A language cannot be learnt separated from its culture and this type of course links both.

·         A specific course to prepare the students for the DELF B1 or B2 exams is now available during the academic year with 3 sessions of 6 weeks each which will take place before the dates of the exams.

·         A course for seniors (50+), '"Language and culture in Val de Loire", which will be proposed in September 2018.

...will remain in 2018, the standard French course (15 hours during mornings) and the French discovery course which combines the language course and a program of activities.


We hope that we will welcome you in Tours quickly!

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