Published on 30/04/2013

“Qualité Français langue étrangère” Label

Institut de Touraine was one of the first schools, which teach French as a foreign language (FLE), labelled as "Qualité Français Langue Etrangère". This official label recognizes the quality of the hosting, teachers and training courses, administrative services and facilities of the Institute. The school is a member of Groupement FLE.

National and international recognition

Institut de Touraine benefits from the official label "Qualité Français langue étrangère" since 2007. This label was created in order to identify, recognize and promote the French as a foreign language centers that provide high-quality language courses and services.

Guaranteed quality services

The label is assigned based on criteria concerning 5 fields: teachers, training and education, hosting and support, premises, safety and facilities, and management.

Label provided by three ministries

The "Qualité français langue étrangère » label is assigned by a Interministerial Committee consisting of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture and Communications, and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

The establishment is a member of Groupement FLE, a pledge for quality and reliability.

Institut de Touraine is a member of Groupement FLE

This group brings together French language schools that provide guaranteed quality services to students, employees or French language lovers who want to learn French in France.