Published on 30/04/2013

12 good reasons to choose Institut de Touraine

A centennial school whose quality is recognized worldwide, a university town, located close to Paris and in the heart of Val de Loire... Coming to study French at Institut de Touraine is not pure coincidence.

1 - Over a century of experience

Institut de Touraine was created in 1912. Ever since, approximately 250,000 students from all over the world trusted this school to study French and discover French culture.

2 - Recognized teaching expertise of French as a foreign language

Provided by teachers who are specialized in French as a foreign language (FLE), the courses at Institut de Touraine comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages of the European Council. The teachers of the institute train FLE teachers in France and abroad and many of them participated in the writing of French manuals.

3 - A French language school recognized worldwide

The institute benefits from the official label "Qualité Français langue étrangère" since 2007. It was granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Higher Education. Internationally recognized, this label guarantees to students the quality of facilities, administrative services, premises, teachers and training courses at the Institute. The establishment is also a member of Groupement FLE, a pledge for quality and reliability.

4 – Personalized French courses

The Institute provides French courses with a duration (from one week to one year) and at a level that are adapted to the needs, level and goals of each student.

5 – Personalized support for your studies and life in France

The students benefit from personalized teaching support. They are monitored by a teacher-tutor who helps them optimize their studies in French. The teachers help the students on a daily basis in the media library and teaching workshops organized as an addition to courses. All services are included in the registration with the Institute. The school also helps students to do volunteer work, sports, to enrol in French universities or schools.

6 - An official examination center

Institut de Touraine is an authorized examination center for Diplomas in French Language Studies (DELF), Diplomas in Advanced French Language Studies (DALF) and French Knowledge Test (TCF). The courses and resources in the media library prepare the students to obtain these diplomas.

7 – International students

Institut de Touraine attracts students from all continents. Every year, 80 nationalities rub shoulders during the French courses in this school. While studying at Institut de Touraine, you will discover the French culture but also many other cultures.

8 – Much more than French courses

Studying French at Institut de Touraine is benefiting from a wide-range program of cultural and sports events, organized by the school. Trips, cooking classes, wine tasting, movie club, social and entertainment events add to your stay and discovery of France.

9 – A dynamic and safe university town

Tours is a university town where 30,000 students live. There are many bars, restaurants, movie theatres, concert halls... The pedestrian district of the Old Tours, center of the student life, is located 200 meters away from the institute. It is easy to meet French people in Tours. The school is at the heart of the city and most student walk to school.

10 – Studying French close to Paris... without ruining oneself

Located in the center of France, Tours is one hour away from Paris, its museums and monuments, by train. You can easily reach Paris during the day. The access from Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is easy (direct train, less than 2-hour trip). Living in Tours allows you to find accommodations at a reasonable price, less than half the cost of accommodations in Paris.

11 – Tasting the French quality of life

Famous for its mild climate, wonderful landscapes, and elegant castles, Touraine is a region renowned for its rich cuisine and wines. Val de Loire is classified as world heritage by UNESCO. At the gates of Tours, you can discover a preserved nature by foot, bike or train over a weekend.

12 – Living at the heart of the history of France

Touraine is at the heart of the famous region of the castles of Loire which hosted the kings of France, Joan of Arc and Leonardo da Vinci. It is also a region of writers that inspired Balzac, Ronsard or Rabelais.