Published on 08/10/2016

Intensive French course, from 4 to 12 months

  • Do you wish to make significant progress in Fench ? Pass a DELF B2 or a DALF C1 ? 
  • Gain a broad knowledge in French culture ?  
  • Our long term program offer, built upon the intensive course, is meant for you !

Recommended starting dates for other students:  9 January, 6 February, 6 March, 3 April, 2 May, 29 May, 26 June, 24 July, 21 August, 25 September, 23 October and 20 November 2017.

Public: ages 16 and over

Duration: between 16 and 48 weeks

Schedule: from Monday to Friday (except public holidays)

Class size: 10 to 15 students per class (maximum of 15 students)

Levels: a minimum of 9 levels, from beginner to advanced (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). Complete beginners are admitted once a month.

Before their arrival at the Institute, students pass a free online language test that assesses their skills. 

Description: the intensive course totals 22h30 of class per week, including:

  • 15 hours ou general French course (morning class), with 2 teachers
  • 1h30 of phonetics (half class, in language laboratory)
  • 3h of tutorials (reading, writing skills and oral skills) to practice the language and overcome difficulties
  • 3h of workshops to bring diversity, with two units to choose among : French culture (history, contemporary France, gastronomy, literature, arts, songs) or French for business, DELF DALF exam preparation, or action-based units (volunteering, counselling on higher education, webzine).

The Intensive Course programs are organized in accordance with our own curricula, based on our long experience. They are designed in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference. In order to offer total immersion, classes frequently make reference to French culture and current affairs.Our workshops encourage the students to meet French people.

Assessment: students are regularly assessed and graded in order to monitor their progress. Every 4 weeks, students change level.

After class, the media center welcomes the students to further their studies. A teacher is available every afternoon for personal guidance. Movie screening enables students to watch a francophone movie once a week, guided tours in the city and the region allow to discover the Loire Valley, our cooking or wine tasting workshops are fun and interesting. These are excellent opportunities to practice your French!  

Complete beginners starting dates: 9 January, 6 February, 6 March, 3 April, 2 May, 29 May, 26 June, 24 July, 21 August, 25 September, 23 October and 20 November 2017.

Examples of progress over a period of 6 to 9 months 

  • In 24 weeks : you can move from an elementary 2 level (A2.1) to an intermediate 2 level (B1.3)
  • In 32 weeks: from an elementary 2 level (A2.1) to an intermediate 3 level (B2.2)
  • In 40 weeks, from an elementary 2 level (A2.1) to an advanced 1 level (C1.1)

This scale gives an indication of possible progress, for an assiduous student working regularly. Students who learn fast can jump one level or more during their stay. Conversely, a student who encounters serious difficulties can repeat the same level twice.